Sarah and Sebastian Lost 110 Pounds and Kept It Off

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“We were both looking for what to do to get us back in shape. We were active at one time and slowed down. Now we decided it was time to stop procrastinating and get back into shape. Sarah had gained 56 lbs after having our baby Annabel and I was over 50 lbs overweight from eating wrongly (yeah that is me in the picture below with my 3rd bottle of beer relaxing in the pool) and not exercising. We thought of kick-boxing, yoga, or fitness videos to start with. During this time we were referred by a friend to Simon and told that if anyone can get us to where we want to be it would be Simon.


“Our first meeting with Simon was all it took to believe he would get us to where we want to be, fitness-wise. He was professional, genuine, and friendly with a big smile and you could tell he cared about his clients. He made us feel comfortable


“We told him we were having our wedding in Dominican Republic in 8 months and wanted to get in shape before then.


“He told us it was going to be hard work and if we were willing to commit to his training we would reach our goal. We were a little surprised when he guaranteed us he would get us to our goal a month before our wedding!


“Simon’s training was tough, very challenging and fun at the same time. It was hard work but we were always motivated to do more. We could see the results; more energy, less fatigue, more endurance, clothes getting bigger! His nutritional guidelines are so efficient that we ate everything we wanted in moderation. There was no deprivation of essential foods or yo-yo dieting, just a balanced eating regiment that we can keep on doing for the rest of our lives and communicate such balanced way of eating to our children.


“A month before our wedding we went in for our weigh-in with Simon and we were both in tears as we hugged him. It was unbelievable… yes we saw the results all along but the weigh-in showed we surpassed our goals. We lost a combined 110lbs!


“It’s been 7 months since our wedding and last training with Simon and we are still energetic, fit, and athletic. Now some of our friends have signed up with Simon after seeing our results!


“That is the difference with Simon’s training; when he gets you fit you stay fit! No up and down weight loss! He sets you up for what you can do for the rest of your life.


“All we can say is if you want to lose weight and become lean and athletic train with Simon, if and only if, you are ready to work hard to get to your goal.”



Second Testimonial from Sarah (Pre/Post Natal Fitness Success Story):


“During my pregnancy I gained 40lbs which seemed never to go away even months after I had my baby girl Annabel. However after taking Plyomax I could see results within the first week. Simon promised I would lose most of my stretch marks and I doubted it and so did Sabastein my hubby. By the 3rd class I was down 30lbs and looked good. I was so impressed and I know for a certainty I will never do anything else but Plyomax. The meal plan is amazing, simple and balanced….even Anabel can eat the same food we eat now as a young girl. If you have a goal to lose weight and want to do so without the side effects of dieting and the disappointment of not attaining your fitness goal. Try Plyomax Bootcamp and you will never regret it…..my friends tell me they try other program and they “feel good” but can’t lose their gut and drop their weight on the scale significantly and then I say “…Really?…then you are being fooled!” With Plyomax Bootcamp you see results right away and the “feel good” feeling right away also.”



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