Personal Trainer, Plyomax CEO and Founder

About Simon

CEO/Founder of Plyomax, Simon has been designing and choreographing Plyomax training systems for over 20 years. Simon has trained several professional athletes – including former NHL Ottawa native, Justin Papineau, NFL Baltimore Ravens defensive end Christo Bilukidi, Canadian and world ranked squash pro Samantha Cornett, coaching them to achieve their maximal plyometric potential. His background includes over 15 years of experience training, coaching and being specialist in the Plyomax methods. Working with doctors and physiotherapists Simon as a back strengthening specialist has worked with many individuals with issues ranging from Cauda Equina, to DDD, helping them to strengthen their back and core. His Plyomax bootcamp program is popularly known to help individuals lose weight, rehabilitate and build strength.

Simon has an Integrated Science Degree with a concentration in Health Science and Mathematics. He also holds several certifications in personal training and sports performance.


Weight Loss & Weight Management · Rehabilitation · Mobility Issues · Athletic Training · Plyomax Boot Camp Training · Fitness and Nutrition · Program Design

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