Marc Lost 55 Pounds and Gained Better Sports Performance

When I started my journey to fitness, I weighed over 250 lbs and was wearing size 40 pants. Today I have size 34 pants and weigh 195 lbs; I’m as close to my healthy BMI as and feel great. The Plyomax weight loss program, athletic training and Nutritional suggestions that Simon put us through definitely paid off. It has been a lot of work but Simon is always there to keep me going forward. I love my new self and I have energy to do more with my family. I am working to reach my next reduced weight goal and reducing more body fat %. With Simon’s help and continued determination on my part I will get there. Needless to say my sport performance has greatly improved. I am a volleyball player and was always the setter. Now because of my improved jumping skills, I have not only switched to hitting, I am my team’s center hitter. So I will say this, if you do NOT want abs, strong core, strength, lean body mass and improved performances, this is NOT for you.



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