Leslie Lost 95 Pounds At Age 60

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“About 3 years ago I weighed over 240 lbs. I had health issues and my Doctor instructed that weight loss would help me. A few months later I saw Simon teaching his Plyomax Bootcamp to his clients in the studio of the gym I was a member of.


Soon enough I approached a lady from the Plyomax bootcamp and she told me that prior to starting Plyomax Bootcamp she had knee and back pains. But after attending the training for several weeks she had no pain whatsoever! She felt strong and can do things she could never do before. I had the option to keep talking of losing weight, or doing something about it. So I spoke to Simon about training. From the first Plyomax Bootcamp training I was hooked. The training was hard but enjoyable; the education about fat burn, training right, eating lean and staying lean, etc. was priceless.


I have seen my entire body change, dropping from a size 18 to a size 6. I turn 60 this year and I feel great. No more pills for high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. My Doctor is impressed and she says, “…Don’t stop what you are doing…” Now I weigh 145lbs! I don’t diet; I don’t take supplements, or deprive myself. I eat everything in moderation, yes even CHEESE! It’s been over two years, 4 boat cruises, and lots of cheating and I have never weighed more than 160lbs.


“At the age of 60, if I can do this anybody can. With Plyomax bootcamp, you train hard, eat right, and stay lean for life!”



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