Kim lost 37lbs on her journey to becoming a police officer

I always had dreams of being an emergency first responder – whether it was part of a fire crew or a police officer. I gained a lot of the technical experience through different channels like Search and Rescue and High Angle and Confined Space rescue. Mentally I was ready but physically I wasn’t sure I was doing enough.

After the birth of our daughter, I needed to channel my energy into fitness. I decided to join the local gym called Plyomax. There I met some really great staff and really great people. The gym became like a second home. I started doing classes a couple of times a week and I saw how much it was helping me physically and mentally that I started to go a few times a week and then almost every day.

I spoke with Jocelyn one of the trainers and that I was taking classes from to discuss my dreams and my fitness goals. I told Jocelyn I wanted and needed to become a police officer and she said she’d get to pass as long as I listened to everything she said. Jocelyn is a trainer who knows what she is talking about. She has so much experience and knowledge in a wide variety of training methods and is continuously researching better and new ways to achieve success.

Jocelyn pushes you physically and mentally and never gives up until she’s 100% certain you are where you need to be. With Jocelyn’s amazing help and support from the whole Plyomax family, I have made it through one of the toughest physical tests of my life.

I am this much closer to my dream of being a Police officer and I can’t thank Jocelyn enough. – Kim


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