The Ones Who Make It Possible


Simon Adeseko – Master Trainer and Founder


His background includes 20 years of experience in competing as an athlete and training athletes, an Integrated Science degree from Carleton University with a concentration in Health Science and Mathematics and several certifications in the field of personal training and sports performance.Simon is the CEO/Founder of Plyomax. He was the Plyomax coach for drafted NFL player Christo Bilukidi. In 2003 he became the Plyomax Master Coach for the Canadian Squash Team. He worked closely with Heather Wallace the Canadian Squash coach in helping the junior and senior team realize their maximal plyometric potential and become some of the best squash players nationally and around the world. He was the Plyomax master coach for the Carleton University women’s basketball team.

He was the Plyomax Master coach for NHL player Justin Papineau who was once compared to star Steve Yzerman. He helped with his rehabilitation after his two serious hockey injuries and got him back into his fullest athletic capabilities. Simon trains individuals and groups who are athletic and non athletic, helping them to achieve their aim of becoming, fit, toned, athletic, strong and healthier.


BSC. Integrated Science (Health Science & Mathematics) – Plyomax Certification

  • Plyomax Advanced Trainer
  • Plyomax Athletic Trainer
  • Plyomax Nutrition Specialist
  • Plyomax Master Coach

Canadian Fitness Professionals

  • Bosu Ball Conditioning
  • Sports Movement Conditioning
  • Back Fitness Exercises
  • Back Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Functional Movement Screen

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)

  • Dr. Stuart McGill – Back Assesment, Exercise & Strength Training
  • Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Personal Trainer

Simon has designed and choreographed the Plyomax program for over 20 years, all the while researching and testing his program with various individuals and groups to yield positive results. In the last 10 years Simon co-designed Plyomax to cater to fat loss and lean mass training. With over 1000 participants and joint research into nutrition and Plyomax training Plyomax has become a true, tried and tested fat loss and lean mass training system.


In January 2012, Plyomax was test run as a fat loss program and in 8 months Plyomax customers lost a total of 940 lbs amongst 123 individuals.


Simon continues to redesign and restructure the program to meet the demands of today’s ever changing athletes’ nutrition and performance. He works closely with Dr. William Staines, of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in Ottawa University and Vice-President of QBM Cell Research Laboratories, in improving the various techniques of Plyomax in order to attain maximal human potential.

Babben Tinner-Staines – CFO/Co-Owner


Babben is trained in Histopathology at Uppsala University in Sweden and worked from 1975 to 2001 on medical research projects mainly focused on Parkinson disease in collaboration with Prof K. Fuxe at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden. In 1985 she moved to Canada where she held a position at University of Ottawa and simultaneously a position at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.


In 2001 QBMCellScience, the world’s leading product and service supplier for high quality cryopreserved primary neuronal cells, was formed and she was hired on as Production Manager. As such she is the leader of teams responsible for all production and product development in QBMCellScience.

Able to do one thousand sit ups and one thousand push ups in a row with a fifteen minute plank at 61 years of age, she is an inspiration to many men and women showing the amazing possibilities that fitness brings to you. She has been a member of the Plyomax family since 2002. She won her first Ottawa FreeFormFitness competition in 2008 at the age of 57 and won the following two years consecutively. Over the years she has learned a lot about the Plyomax style of training and its benefits and has been able to train and help other trainers with Plyomax training techniques.