Why Choose Plyomax?

About Us

Plyomax is more than a gym. It’s a system that will help you achieve real fitness results, regardless of your current level. It helps fitness rookies learn to connect with their bodies, and it can take seasoned athletes to levels they never thought possible. Because it’s based on knowledge of how the body works, it will help you train safely so that you can keep training and get the results you’ve always wanted.

10 Reasons Why Plyomax is Better

Here’s why you’ll get better results at Plyomax than with any other gym or system you’ve tried before:

  1. We’re a serious gym. We’re welcoming, family-oriented and fun, but we’re here to train.
  2. Every new member gets a personal physical assessment that’s more in-depth than the usual body fat and strength tests. One of the things we look for is symmetry issues that can cause problems for you in the future. Based on your unique alignment issues, we recommend a specific program to help you develop balanced strength as you train.
  3. Everything we do, from weights to flexibility to cardio to classes is based on plyometrics, the science of explosive power.
  4. You’ll train better and more safely at Plyomax because our trainers have more education than other trainers. They are all NESTA-certified, and have been personally coached by Plyomax-certified master coach Simon Adeseko. We also have an ongoing education program taught by anatomy and physiology professors from the University of Ottawa. Read about the medical experts who work with us.
  5. We know the healing power of exercise. One of our areas of expertise is helping people with mobility issues get the strength they need to enjoy independent movement. Read about Duncan, who threw away his cane at the age of 85 >
  6. We help athletes (professional and amateur) achieve peak performance. If you’re ready to go further, we’ll help you get there. Plyomax founder Simon Adeseko has been training elite athletes in various sports since 2003. He has coached the Canadian Squash Team, NFL player Christo Bilukidi, NHL player Justin Papineau, the Carleton University women’s basketball team, and many more.
  7. We practice what we preach. Our trainers are consistent winners in open fitness competitions.
  8. We will only recommend nutrition plans that are based on scientific fact. There are no fad diets, no starvation, just good food with balanced nutrition in sensible proportions.
  9. We train clean. We don’t put anything in our bodies that isn’t either good food or something recommended by our doctors. That means no drugs and no unnecessary (and expensive) supplements or additional vitamins.
  10. Our facilities are clean, bright, friendly and safe.

What is Plyomax?

PLYOMAX is derived from two words: plyometric and maximum :

  • Plyometric training involves quick, powerful movements using a pre-stretch, or counter-movement that engages the body’s stretch shortening cycle (SSC). The SSC employs the energy storage capabilities and stimulation of the stretch reflex to facilitate a maximal increase in muscle recruitment over a minimal amount of time.
  • Maximum refers to the maximum speed, strength, power, quickness, agility, balance, stability, control, overall fitness and athleticism a person can possesses.

Plyomax is a form of advanced plyometric training designed to cater to individuals with athletic abilities that range from introductory to advanced. Plyomax helps you increase your lean muscle mass, body definition, athleticism, balance, agility, coordination, fitness level, and introduces individuals to their maximum Plyometric abilities while reducing inhibitions and increasing their athletic abilities.

Through Plyomax training, an individual can attain peak fitness and train their muscles to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time, while reducing the chances of injury. Plyometric training has been defined as an exercise characterized by powerful muscular contractions in response to rapid, dynamic stretching of the muscles involved. The muscle flexes and extends and through this type of exercise the reflex process is improved.

Plyomax training does not need to be specific because it trains amongst other things the most essential component of an athlete’s body: the core. The core is made up of the muscles of the abdomen and middle and lower back. Your core needs to be engaged in order to produce power, efficiency, prevent early fatigue, and help endure in any sports movement or fitness activity. Sometimes people refer to their “weaker arm or leg”, or to the “weaker” part of the body. Plyomax improves this aspect of the human body so that opposing and opposite muscles can perform very close to or at equal strength.

Plyomax Trainers in the Community

Fitness Competitions

Twice a year for 3 years Plyomax Fitness won the Free Form Fitness competition between other gyms and fitness trainers in Ottawa. Plyomax co-owner Babben Tinner-Staines was the first Free Form Fitness Champion in 2007, and Alisha Jiwan, one of the trainers, was the first Free Form Fitness champion.

Helping Teens Learn About Fitness

Plyomax Fitness Centre volunteers our trainers to give seminars and training at various schools in the Ottawa region to educate students on fitness and health. Some of these schools include; Ashbury College, St. Patricks High School, St. Marks High School and Roberta Bondar.


The Plyomax Fitness Centre is proud to sponsor several community events and sporting teams. For sponsorship inquires please contact us.