Deirdre is on the right path to achieving her fitness goals


Over the past several years, I let life get in the way of keeping fit. My career has been in the “helping (charitable) profession.”  Four years ago, I took a job that I love, but which consumed my life. It added joy but also monumental stress. I stopped looking after myself.

At the same time, I badly injured my shoulder at my previous gym and was debilitated for over two years with chronic pain and had almost no mobility in my arm.  It affected every part of my day.  I had an exhausting amount of physiotherapy, cortisone and dry needle injections which finally resulted in surgery to fix a torn front and back rotator cuff and bicep.  Post-surgery, I still had chronic pain and very little mobility.  I could barely move my arm and shoulder without pain.  I hadn’t had an uninterrupted night’s sleep in almost two and a half years.   Limited mobility led to limited activity and I packed on almost 40 pounds.

Fitness was always important to me and while I couldn’t do any upper body exercise because the pain was excruciating, I still went to the gym but did the same thing every time. My body got used to spinning classes, I stopped eating well, was working 15 hour days and continued with very little sleep.  I was exhausted and demoralized. My friend, Laurie, who has been really successful at Plyomax, convinced me to switch gyms and talk to Simon and his team.

In three months, so much has changed. Simon reminded me of the need to use food as fuel to feed my workouts, put me on a meal plan and connected me with Adamtrainer extraordinaire at Plyomax.

I signed up for personal training with Adam, who also connected me to Wolphy.  I trained with them weekly. In two and half months, I lost 20 lbs and several inches. I’m not done yet and hope to shed the rest in the coming months. Their workouts have been tough. I would never have pushed myself this hard and to be honest, I never thought I could do half the exercises they’ve made me do.

I will admit to cursing them from time to time when they pushed me, but they’ve made me tougher and have shown me that I’m stronger than I thought and I can push myself. As hard as the workouts have been, they’ve made them motivating and fun.

Adam was particularly focused on helping me to rehab my shoulder in a careful way that ensured I didn’t re-injure it.   We went very slowly and if an exercise resulted in even a hint of pain, he adjusted it to ensure that there was no pain but we continued to strengthen my shoulder and bicep.  In January, I had chronic pain and hardly any movement.  By mid-April, was pain-free and had almost full mobility back.  Where I couldn’t move my arm more than an inch, I can now lift light weights overhead, have full movement to the side where there was none and am starting to tone my arms – better yet, I can do planks and pushups!  This is monumental progress in a few short months.  Adam was diligent in helping me to rehabilitate my shoulder.  I have no more need for physiotherapy and am getting stronger every week.

While I still have lots of work to do to reach my goal, I feel 150% better. I’m showing my kids that leading a healthy lifestyle is important.  They and my husband have been my biggest champions.  Ok, so have Adam, Wolphy, Simon and the rest of the Plyomax team.  They are friendly, welcoming, non-judgemental and motivating. I love the Plyomax personal touch.

Thanks to everyone at Plyomax. I’m loving this journey. – Deirdre


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